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LA-010 Ti-Paris et sa Guitare

LA-010 Ti-Paris et sa Guitare

A true masterpiece by one of the legends of Haitian music. The debut album by Haiti's favorite troubadour reissued for the first time on vinyl. Beautiful guitar playing with the minimal rhythmic accompaniment of maracas. Haitian blues music at its best.  ‬

Troubadour music never belonged in studios. It was happening in the backyards of Haiti in the 50s & 60s, played for small gatherings & chickens.  Very minimal, but inventive, entrancing guitar playing, inspired by the Rara Voodoo tradition. His voice hoarsed by too much clairin, the haitian moonshine, he sings of the eternal blues of poverty, simple joys & tough romance. Fans of Joseph Spence will dig this.

His songs, covered over the years by so many Kompa orchestras, are still hummed in Haiti & all over the diaspora. Try whistling Bam Pam Ladan to any Haitian & watch them smile. Some know these wonderful songs that were crafted by Ti-Paris a long time ago, but very few have heard the original versions. Here they are.

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