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Little Axe Records is a shop and record label. The label, run by Warren Hill, was founded in 2011 when the original Mississippi Records label split. The label reissues small pressings of mainly international music.


The shop, owned by Jed Bindeman and Warren Hill, originally opened in their garage on Beech St in 2010 and then moved to NE 28th in 2012. We lasted one year at our third location at 3746 NE 42nd. In May 2017, we moved (hopefully for the last time) to our current location next to the Hollywood Theater at 4142 NE Sandy Blvd. Warren opened a second location on Main St in Springfield, OR in 2019.


The Little Axe cassettes started as a self published magazine in Montreal between 2002-2006 called $2 (comes with mixtape). There were fifteen issues with corresponding mixtapes. New mix tapes are made periodically and are usually geographically themed.


Thank you for visiting our site. Please check out our brick and mortar locations if you are in the area.

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